Sell online with and reach a maximum amount of customers

All you have to do is send us a list of your products, we’ll upload them and add all the necessary information, then we wait for a customer to buy it. You get paid out and then have send the parcel or await collection. Easy as that. 

We commit to:

  • Marketing
  • Fulfillment & Administration
  • Customer Service

Selling on is a simple three step process.
All you have to do is…

List Your Offers:

List your products for sale by sending us an email to

Set the prices for your products and the quantity you want to sell. We’ll do the upload.

Get Paid:

Provide The Alpaca Shop with your bank account details, so we can disburse your available funds to you upon customer receival of a sold product.

Deliver The Parcel:

To seal the deal you will then have to send the parcel to the given address via a variety of options or be willing to meet the customer in person at your collection point.

Let The Alpaca Shop take care of the rest. We…

Display Your Products: The Alpaca Shop displays your offers on Product Pages, Search and Browse.

Process Your Orders: Customers can add your products to the shopping cart.

The Alpaca Shop makes all of its payment options available for your products.

Handle Customer Service: The Alpaca Shop handles all order related customer contacts.

The Alpaca Shop handles returns on your behalf and will be in contact with you.

Features & Benefits

  • Customer Base – Reach a maximum of interested alpaca product buyers in the Southern African region and overseas.
  • Catalog Creation – Add new products to the The Alpaca Shop catalog by sending a list to us which we’ll upload and publish.
  • Order Processing – Let The Alpaca Shop handle checkout and payment processing.
  • Product Placement – Your offers appear where customers make their purchase decisions.
  • Seller Updates – Receive messages immediately when a customer buys your product.
  • Customer Service – Let The Alpaca Shop answer all customer contacts and calls.
  • Fair deal – We ask for only 10% commission per sale to keep this hub making sales.