When will I get my order? Depending entirely on which delivery option you chose. PostNet will be very fast, Collection is up to you, Post Box might take a while and Pargo goes fast too but depends on you when you pick it up at the nearest drop off point.

How will my order be delivered? There’re several options: Collect it at your inconvenience and notification of vendor, receive it via Post Box, Collect it via Pargo at any chosen collection point such as your local Clicks, PostNet2PostNet to your nearest shop and PostNet2Door Courier (very expensive).

What happens if my parcel is damaged or lost? If your parcel is sent with our couriers and goes missing or is damaged it will be replaced at our cost after an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the missing or damaged parcel are established. If your parcel is sent via the Post office it is deemed that you have accepted full liability for the parcel once we have mailed it and issued you with a tracking number.

Does your courier deliver to my area? The delivery systems we use cover 95% of South Africa. In the highly unlikely event that our couriers do not deliver to your area we will advise you of the options for an alternate delivery method which will include Speed Services or PostNet Courier.

What happens if the courier doesn’t deliver to my area? If the courier doesn’t deliver to your area, we will ship the order via PostNet to your nearest PostNet or via the SA Post office parcel mail delivered to your nearest post office.

I live on a farm or plot; will your courier deliver to me? No, the couriers will not deliver to a farm or plot. You will need to provide us with an address in town for delivery to be affected such as nearest Pargo point, Post Box or PostNet.

Can you post my order? We prefer not to use the post office as they are unreliable. We will only send via the post office if the buyer accepts full liability for the arrival of the parcel. What that means is we will post it and give you a tracking number. Thereafter we are not responsible for the arrival of the parcel, nor can we enter into any correspondence relating to the arrival of the parcel. If for whatever reason the parcel doesn’t arrive or is late, we will accept no liability for this.

Will the couriers call before delivery? No, the couriers don’t ordinarily call before delivery. If you have left a cellphone number on your order, you will receive a sms notification in the morning of the day of delivery.

What happens if I’m not at home / unavailable at the delivery address when the courier attempts delivery? The couriers will attempt to deliver a second time. If they are still unable to effect delivery, they will contact you to see if an arrangement can be made for delivery. 

I only have a P.O Box, PostNet or Pbag address. We will email you suggesting that your parcel is sent with our couriers to a physical address. If we do not hear back from you within 24hrs in order that your order isn’t delayed it will be shipped via the post office to the PO Box or Pbag address that you left. It must be noted that as per the terms of purchase on our site that should the parcel be delayed / go missing with the postal service that we cannot accept any liability or enter into any correspondence regarding this.

I left an incorrect delivery address in the order. Now what? Leaving an incorrect shipping address or will cause delays in the dispatch and delivery of your order. If your order has already been dispatched it will cause delays in the arrival of the parcel as we will have to notify the couriers of the new delivery address.

1I have paid for my order, when is it being sent?  Orders paid at checkout will be sent out as soon as possible. Orders that are not paid at checkout will be dispatched within 2 working days of receipt of a cleared payment (ie: the funds reflecting in our FNB account).

Why is the weight on the invoice different from the actual weight of my order?  Our courier companies charge on the greater of volumetric weight or actual weight. Whilst some products may be light, they are bulky and are therefore charged on a volumetric weight. The weight indicated on the invoice is the greater of volumetric weight or actual weight. Volumetric weight is calculated using the following formula: length*width*height/5000.

Why is my order taking longer to process? Extra-ordinary orders may take longer to process (2 to 3 days). An extra ordinary order is an order that comprises more than 40 items in it or an order comprising of more than 10 items of the same type. Please note that if selecting the express courier option that if your order comprises of more than 40 items in it or contains more than 10 items of the same type that it may not be dispatched the same day.

I want to collect my order? Fully paid orders can be collected from the Vendors and a direct connection will be established so that there are no misunderstandings.

I want to come and buy products from your premises!We do not have physical retail premises, retail staff, or payment facilities on our premises and do not accommodate for walk in customers. Due to security reasons we are non-negotiable on this.

Free delivery. At our current stage we cannot provide free delivery, however in the future free delivery will be implemented.  

What is the cost of shipping? Please see our rate table below.

 Carriers. We have partnered with leaders in last mile delivery logistics. Our courier and delivery partners are: PostNet / Pargo (as in 2019)

We are able to ship orders outside of South Africa, direct communication with the customer will be brought up.


1) South African orders are boxed due their non-fragile attributes.

2) International orders are boxed due their non-fragile attributes.

Parcel Tracking

Pargo tracking numbers are for South African orders delivered by our courier partner Pargo. The tracking number will be sent to you by email. Please select tracking number under the search criteria at the link provided. Delivery will be to your selected Pargo pickup point.

PostNet tracking numbers are for South African orders delivered by Postnet. Delivery will be to your Postnet or Door, depending on courier option.

Post Office tracking numbers are for South African orders delivered by the SA Post Office Parcel Mail. Delivery will be to your Post Office.